Messaging frequency: Are your communications welcomed, tolerated, or ignored?

This newsletter describes a simple change that can make your brand more responsive – pay attention to messaging frequency.


Luxury is…being chauffeured from Brooklyn to Jersey City.

Well, not exactly chauffeured – it was car service. I was scheduled for 2 days of early morning press checks for our client’s annual report at DG3, a large Jersey City printer. They kindly arranged for car service to get me there and get me back.

On these nearly hour-long trips I became well acquainted with the back seat of several different decade-old Lincoln Town Cars.

And, I noticed a big difference between the car service drivers who took me back and forth.

The 7am blues

First of all, I am not a morning person – I can barely form a sentence before 8am. Some drivers became aware that I couldn’t talk, figured out this wasn’t my time of day, and left me alone. Other, less perceptive drivers persisted in trying to chat with me for most of an hour – making for a nightmarish trip to Jersey City.

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So the big difference: some drivers “got” my feedback, and made me an appreciative passenger. Some didn’t.

Messaging frequency – show that you listen

In your organizational communications, you can be perceptive, like the drivers who left me alone. Or you can ignore feedback from your audience, and have the wrong messaging frequency.

It’s your choice — your messages can be welcomed, merely tolerated, or ignored.

Ask ’em

What’s the best way to determine the right messaging frequency and appropriate channels for your audience? Just ask them! For example, if you have an email signup on your website, you can give your audience a choice of how often they would like to hear from you, and what information they want to receive.

Asking your audience how they prefer to hear from you shows that you respect their wishes – and helps differentiate your brand.



Five Jell-O flavors that flopped: celery, coffee, cola, apple, and chocolate.



Selkie, our new staff puppy

Sorry! Another photo of Selkie, our new staff puppy

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