Audience engagement: How to keep their attention

We discuss 4 steps you can take to enhance audience engagement.

Audience engagement

The Norman, my high school mascot.

The oddest team name

The Tigers. The Tornados. The Bulldogs. They sound like high school football teams, right? Not ours. Instead, my high school football team was called the Normans. Who or what was Norman? None of my friends knew. At the time (years ago), I thought Norman was a bald, middle-aged guy in a sweater – sort of how I look now.

Around my senior year of high school I found out our team was named after the people, led by William the Conqueror, who invaded England back in year 1066.

It took me four years to figure out what a Norman was – granted, I had both academic and rock ‘n roll related distractions!

Deep in the healthcare annual report

Recently, I was leafing through an annual report sent by a NYC healthcare organization. The report started by showcasing the organization’s impressive programs and accomplishments.

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But it was deep into the report, on page 17, when they got around to explaining who they were what they did, and why I should care. This organization assumed their audience already knew what their brand stood for. They ignored audience engagement.

Keeping the audience waiting

I didn’t know what a Norman was for 4 years. But these days, waiting 17 pages to introduce your brand to your readers is an eternity. 

Your audience has little time and less patience – if you frustrate them, they will toss your annual report and move on.

Four steps to audience engagement

  •     Don’t assume your audience knows who you are
  •     If you think you audience knows who you are, don’t assume they will remember much about you
  •     Brands grow stronger by relentless repetition of key messaging and consistent trade dress. If you do this well, you will strengthen the bond with your current audience – and you will recruit new audience members as well.
  •     Remember: if you are sick and tired of your own brand, you are doing a good job of branding

Go Normans!



Bilbo Baggins was born on September 22 1290.

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