Brand launch: the key to success

Trying to boost a new or renovated brand launch? The key is repetition.

Brand launch-keys to success

Repetition is the key to a brand launch

Househunters International, a TV series that follows a couple as they attempt to find a new home in interesting places like Italy, Hong Kong or Australia, is a mild addiction for us.

My wife Robbin enjoys the vicarious thrill of touring houses we can’t afford, in places we’re unlikely to visit.

What gets my attention is how repetitive the show is.

I’ll explain — each show features a couple touring three houses for sale. After we watch the couple touring the first house, there’s a commercial break, and then we review the first house again. And so on, through all three house tours. My guess is that half the show is repetition.

Multi-tasking and channel surfing

At first, I thought the show was trying to help people with short term memory issues.

But, then, I looked over at Robbin — who often works on a laptop while she watches TV.

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I realized Househunters International is just responding to their audience. If your audience is multi-tasking, channel-surfing, and distracted, relentless repetition is necessary.

Brands have a similar challenge. Picture being part of a team directing a new brand launch. You’ve been immersed in the brand for months, from logo design to key messages. So, after the launch, you may feel your brand launch could use a little variety.

Your brand launch – how to make an impression

But – it’s likely your audience is barely aware of the transformation of your brand. Like people who watch Househunters International, they are multi-tasking, channel-surfing, and distracted. You need a lot of repetition to make an impression.

How much repetition? Depends on your competitive environment, your market, and your reach. But it makes sense to implement your brand relentlessly for a year, and then do research to see if you’ve moved the needle.



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