[WHITE PAPER] DSRIP Made Simple: 2nd Edition


The $7 billion DSRIP program is over a year old. Are you up to date?

DSRIP has been up and running for over a year, and the results are rolling in. Our 2nd edition DSRIP white paper will bring you up to date. Find out what’s new, what’s changed, and what remains to be done.
After 2 months of research, we have updated New York’s DSRIP Made Simple with all the latest information, including online resources for PPS members and an overview of accomplishments in year one.

Do you know DSRIP?

If your healthcare organization receives New York Medicaid funds, you must know about DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program).
The DSRIP program changes everything: how New York healthcare is organized, delivered, and paid for. And it is happening now.

What’s inside the DSRIP white paper

  • DSRIP defined, and program objectives
  • Reimbursements: rewards and penalties
  • Online resources
  • Accomplishments
  • The 25 PPSs and their valuations
  • Extensive glossary

It’s a new world in healthcare. Be prepared.