What new research on email shows


The study:

A company called Hubspot just completed a study of email usage. They used a huge pool of data based on over 9.5 billion emails, followed by focus groups and surveys. (By the way, I have no relationship with Hubspot — I just get their communications).
I thought they had some surprising insights. Their focus is on business to business communications, but I think the findings can apply to most email campaigns.

The highlights:

  • No difference between business and personal messages: Most users do not have separate business and personal inboxes. This means that the user does not distinguish between personal and business email in content or tone —  all email is personal and informal.
  • Best day: Because users don’t distinguish between types of email, you don’t have to email during working hours. In fact, this study found the best day to email users is Saturday.
  • Best hour: Users have a routine for viewing email — most read it at the start of the day. So the best hour for sending? 7 am.
  • Smart phones: a huge group of users are viewing emails on smart phones. And this will only grow over time. So it’s important to optimize your email messages for smart phones. We’ll be working on this ourselves.
  • Reasons email gets opened: Users decide to open email based on subject line and sender name. I’ve discussed subject lines in an earlier post: if you’d like to get it, click here. The sender name needs to be a real person, hopefully one the reader recognizes — not “info” or “mail”.
  • They read it! Finally, don’t assume your email is just skimmed! Over 70% of the readers surveyed read either most or all of the emails they opened.

You can listen to the hour-long webinar here.



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