Websites 2014: What your users expect

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Quick, cheap and hardly ever. That’s how I like to shop for clothes. So when I find a clothes style I like, I stick with it – for decades.

The Ramones: sartorial role models?

The Ramones: sartorial role models?

Last of the punk rockers

For example, I’ve been wearing black jeans since my punk rock days. When my current jeans were on their last legs, I noticed my son Matt had some he had outgrown. Now I am happily wearing my adult son’s cast-offs — that’s progress!

What they expect

Unlike punk rock jeans, websites need to be updated every few years. Why? Because technology changes, and with it, the expectations of your audience.

Here’s what audiences expect from any organization serious about marketing in 2014:

  • A website optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • Fresh relevant content posted on a regular basis
  • A website that looks and feels clean, clearly organized, and consistently branded
  • Video content
  • An extension of your brand into social media platforms
  • An authentic voice

What’s the downside of an archaic website? Over time, it will drag down your brand – and with it, all the hard work you’ve put into building your brand up.

Help is here

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