Website planning: the step you must take

website planning - the step you must take


My wife and I are lucky that we get along well with Jan, our handyman. Especially since, on a recent home improvement project, we saw him every day for 3 weeks.

Why? Preparation. Because we wanted a good paint job that would last for years, Jan patched cracks in the walls, stripped the woodwork, and repaired old plaster.
It turned out about 60% of his time was spent in preparation. Keep this number in mind when developing your website.

Website planning: your most important step

For a successful development process, your most important step is website planning. The more thinking and planning you do before you build, the better the result.

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You’ll want to find answers to these questions:
  • Who is the website for?
  • What are the top 3 actions you want your audience to take?
  • What are the business goals of your website?
  • What are the most important keywords you need to incorporate in your website content?
  • What functionality do you need in the website? For example, are you planning to add new content to the website on a regular basis? (the correct answer is yes!) If so, you need to build the site using a content management system.

The website is brand central

Since the website is the primary expression of your brand, you’ll also want to answer questions like:
  • What are your competitors’ websites like? What ideas can you borrow?
  • How are you different than your competitors?
  • What is your elevator speech?

Help is on the way

Sound like a lot of work? It is — but we’re here to help.
Drop us a line here, and we’ll send you our Website Planner, which guides you through the planning you need to do before a line of code gets written. Of course, there is no obligation.


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