Website call to action 101

Learn about the 3 components of an effective website call to action

After 30 years, my bicycle is back in style! It’s called an English Lightweight, and you see a similar silhouette, handlebars, and fenders in bicycles ridden by hipsters everywhere.  

The perfect machine

Even though my bike is old, the design is older still – it was invented in 1885 and hasn’t changed much. It hasn’t changed much because it is a nearly perfect machine. It converts muscle power into forward motion with great efficiency.
Websites aspire to be perfect machines too, although they never are as efficient as bicycles. 
If websites are machines, what are they supposed to do? It’s simple: websites are machines for getting conversions. (A conversion is an action you want your website user to take).

The most important website conversion

For healthcare organizations, the most important website conversion is an e-mail signup. 
E-mail conversions are valuable because:
  • They signal commitment – much more than liking something on Facebook
  • They permit you to touch the user many times. You need over 10 touches for a user to engage on a higher level
  • You own and control your email list 
  • You are free to experiment with split testing segmented messages and formats

3 key website call to action components

In order to get a user to proffer their email, websites use calls to actions, or CTAs.
CTAs consist of 3 parts:
  • Offer: the incentive for the CTA. The offer must be relevant and compelling to the user
  • Design: the appearance of the CTA, such as images, type size, and position on page
  • Behavior: CTAs in boxes can be triggered by user actions. For example how long the user spends on the page, how far the user scrolls down the page, or if the user is ready to depart.
How can you tell which offer, design and behavior result in the most conversions?The best way: split test several CTAs.
And be careful when you plan your CTA box for mobile. The box must not take up the entire screen – it’s a Google requirement 

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