Web video sound: How to improve audio


Web video sound: How to improve audio

For most web video, it’s all about the talking head — the interview or monologue. And in the interview format, what you or your subject says is more important than how you look (of course it helps to look good too!). So the most important part of a web video is sound quality.

How to improve your web video sound:

Noisy backgrounds
Ambient sounds may seem trivial when you are filming, but they will sound loud once you play back your video. Avoid interior sounds such as: crowds (cafes or conventions), fans and generators, and fluorescent light humming. Watch out for exterior sounds such as: airplanes, lawn equipment, buses and trucks, and chatty onlookers.

Microphone placement
For microphones attached to your camera, be sure to place the camera as close as possible to the subject, without causing wide angle distortion such as a big chins and tall hair. If you use a clip-on microphone (lavaliere mic), and hide it behind a tie or clothing, remember to tell your subject not to touch or pat the mic as it will sound like an explosion. A decent mic does make a difference in your sound quality — you can get a good one for around $30.

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New and improved
If your video equipment is old, you’re more likely to have problems with your web video sound: a lot of background noise and harsh sound quality. If you are planning on doing a lot of videos, consider investing in decent audio recording equipment and software.

After the shoot — editing
Most video editing software can enhance or adjust raw sound. You can make your video sound more professional by layering your sound. Some ways you can layer: fade in as you begin to speak, adding a quiet soundtrack behind your voice, or integrating sound effects.


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