Social media, time, and an eBay bid

social media strategyBACK IN SEPTEMBER I was on eBay, about to place the winning bid on a 1964 Rickenbacker lap steel guitar. Like many guitar players, I like accumulating guitars — almost as much as playing. The price was right, and no competing bidders were in the picture.

But then I paused. Playing a lap steel is different than a regular guitar. It lies flat on your lap, face up when you play, and you use a metal bar across the strings rather than fretting notes with your fingers. In the seconds before bidding, I realized that it would take a lot of time and work to get any good at playing it — time I didn’t have. So, with some regret, I passed on it — I didn’t bid.

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Social media takes time

In a similar way, many companies and organizations are making choices about social media platforms — but not calculating the amount of time and work they require to maintain. Running a typical social media program takes at least 5 hours a week. and then increases. If you choose to maintain a FaceBook page, for example, your audience expects you to post content several times a week. And you’ve made a commitment to engage that audience for the long haul. If you abandon your page, people may get the impression that you are out of business.

Easier channels

Try some less demanding channels until you can determine what works for your audience — and how much organizational capacity you have. Slower channels, such as email newsletters (like this one, posted monthly), or blogs (posted weekly or so) don’t require the attention of channels like Twitter.


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