Setting social media goals

Many of our clients feel overwhelmed when they think about social media. We understand — there are more choices and channels every day. You may fear that you will lose control of your message, or you’ll have to deal with negative feedback and vindictive bloggers.

On top of that, you may be concerned that social media is actually a gigantic time-suck — that you’ll spend all day working on it, but in the end, the results can’t be measured.

What’s your goal?

We think the answer is to have a simple goal — at least when you start. Here’s our suggestion:

The goal of your social media program is to drive traffic to your website.
Here are some benefits of this goal:

  • It clarifies your decision making about strategy and tactics. All you need to do is ask: “will this action drive traffic to my website?”
  • It is measurable. If you are using Google Analytics [link] or a similar service, you can immediately track results.
  • Once you attract website visitors,a lot of good things can happen:
    •    -they can donate
    •     -they can sign up for email news
    •    -they can view videos and blogs
    •   -they can bookmark your site and visit repeatedly

So what kind of social media activity drives traffic to your website?

We’ll reserve that subject for a later newsletter. Stay tuned!



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