Lead generation: Specialized blogging+email


Blog content outcomes

Healthcare advertising and media strategyThree ways blogs deliver value

  • Blog content benefits SEO and boosts organic web traffic over time
  • Sales team can use blogs as engagement offers
  • Blogs are useful for social engagement

How it works

  • When a blog is posted, it is promoted by email and social platforms to your prospects. The email features a content preview and a CTA that links to a dedicated blog page with the full article.
  • The blog page will feature the full content plus a CTA, such as a case study or a demo offer. If the prospect clicks on the CTA, they convert into a CRM lead. In addition, the prospect is offered links to other relevant posts, extending their time on your website. 

The value of specialized content

For B2B digital health companies, it is vital that the content be laser-focused on your prospects’ needs and interests. There are no shortcuts: content must be original, granular and relevant. If you deliver generic, irrelevant content, the SEO benefit will be minimal and your program will fall short of objectives.

About Us

LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing agency that specializes in lead generation for digital health companies. Our clients include AllazoHealth, Boca Pharmacy Group, Healthix and TruClinic.

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