Lead generation: Google and LinkedIn ad campaigns

digital ad outcomes

healthcare content marketing and SEO

Paid digital campaigns such as LinkedIn Ads or Google Ads are effective for accelerating outreach and generating leads.

Google Ads

Google Ads are effective for finding prospects who are actively searching for a solution. The campaigns revolve around selecting the right keywords, setting bid amounts that control your positioning in Google, and continual tests of ad content.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads deliver ads based on detailed specifications for your target audience. LinkedIn allows us to target by company type, company name, industry, seniority, title and professional interests.

LinkedIn Ads are an effective way to precisely target your prospects, especially if your team is already using LinkedIn as a sales platform.

About Us

LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing agency that specializes in mid-sized organizations. Our clients include providers such Urban Health Plan and Lighthouse Guild, and healthcare technology firms such as Healthix and TruClinic.

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