Healthcare Advertising and Media Strategy

Healthcare advertising and media strategy

Healthcare advertising and media strategy for an MLTC plan

Healthcare advertising and media strategy

New York City is the largest media market in the country. Major consumer brands allocate huge budgets to reach millions of prospects through print, radio, TV out of home, and digital channels.

But is it possible for mid-size healthcare organizations with smaller budgets to take advantage of NYC’s rich media landscape? Absolutely – we’ve done it!

Healthcare advertising for mid-size organizations

Our media planning partner has decades of experience and hundreds of personal contacts in media. For our mid-size healthcare clients we have uncovered opportunities and bargains that yield millions of impressions per month. We’ve placed advertising for our clients on mass media such as subways, and niche media like Spanish language radio.

Our creative team knows how to produce effective advertising on a budget. Everything from print to cable TV commercials to bus ads. And ad responses are trackable through custom phone numbers and web landing pages.

Healthcare advertising and media strategy services

  • Media Strategy. We perform discovery to understand the goals of the campaign, the advertising budget and the target audience. Based on the budget, we identify channels that give you the most impact and make recommendations regarding advertising placement. We sign contracts on the client’s behalf to secure the insertions.
  • Creative. We identify key benefits and brand attributes that will resonate with the target audience and develop advertising concepts around them. We develop advertising creative for each type of media.
  • Trafficking. We manage and coordinate the relationship with media channels, ensuring the ads are delivered on time and in their hands.

About Us

LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing agency that specializes in mid-sized organizations. Our clients include providers such Urban Health Plan and Lighthouse Guild, and healthcare technology firms such as Healthix and TruClinic.

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