POV – does your brand have one? How to develop a point of view

This newsletter shows how to develop a point of view for your brand.

POV-does your brand have one?

The delightful haddock — we suggest sauté

When we visit Cape Cod we like dining on haddock, a fine local fish. But while haddock is on the menu in most Cape Cod seafood restaurants, they serve it just one way – deep fried. Now deep frying may be a great idea, but I can’t taste the haddock – mostly I taste deep fried breading.

My wife Robbin pointed out that deep frying is a great way to serve haddock — if you don’t like like the way the fish tastes.

Is your brand deep fried?

When we start working with a client, often their brand doesn’t stand for anything – there’s no point of view. It’s as if they deep fried their brand – to hide the true flavor.

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  • For example, they may use a neutral voice  — so it sounds like there are no real people behind the brand.
  • They may avoid expressing a point of view — even on a subject that they’re experts in.
  • Or, they may have a derivative visual brand, that uses the same look and feel as their competition – not to mention using the same clichéd stock photos.

Why it happens

Do you feel your brand needs to appeal to everyone? If you appeal to everyone, your brand becomes unfocused. Brands thrive by deeply understanding and targeting their audience.

Is thought leadership part of your brand? You may feel you are competing against sector experts who are already well-established. But often experts don’t write with an authentic voice. If you work on your voice, you’ll stand out from competitors.

Do you feel the virtues of your brand are self-evident to your audience? Best of luck with that! Branding is a performance. To make an impression on your audience, you need a drumbeat of repetition.

Remember — strong brands have strong personalities.


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