Organization naming – first steps

Get started with your organization naming process by building a master list of name choices. How to think about and categorize names.


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Ready to start your organization naming process? Whether you are working with an internal team or an outside agency, the first step is build a master list of possible names.

A strong master list includes as comprehensive a range of organization names as possible. You achieve a wide range by considering names that differ from each other in two ways: by name type and name construction.

Organization naming: How to categorize new names

Most names can be described by their type and construction. Name types range from descriptive (or literal) to abstract.

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Name types:

  • Descriptive – names that state the message simply and clearly (General Motors, Marin Abused Women’s Services)
  • Evocative – names that suggest the message emotionally or psychologically (Oracle, Verizon, Duracell)
  • Abstract – names that attract the demographic without addressing the message directly, or perhaps not at all (Apple, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson)

Descriptive names are less distinctive, while evocative and abstract names are more distinctive.

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Name Constructions

Besides being defined by a name type, names can be categorized by construction. A name will fall in a range from real words to coinages. Name construction types

  • Real Words and Phrases – usually English in the US (Old Spice, Yahoo)
  • Acronyms – YMCA, CIA, etc.
  • Double-Barrels or Composite Words – usually two words joined together without a space (ShopRite, Facebook)
  • Coinages – there are many ways words can be coined or invented, including:
    Blended or Fused Words – parts of two or more words blended together (Verizon, Dryers)
    – Extended Words –
     words with extra letters, syllables, or non-traditional suffixes added (Lucida, Napster)

    – Strongly Coined Words –
     may or may not have any apparent meaning  (Xerox, Plurk)

Identifying name type and construction: Examples

Xerox: Name type: abstract; Name construction: strongly coined
General Motors: Name type: descriptive; Name construction: real words
Apple: Name type: abstract; Name construction: real words
FaceBook: Name type: evocative; Name construction: Double barrelNow, use your understanding of name type and construction to ensure your naming process starts with a wide range of name choices.

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