Need a new organization name? How to know…

Thinking of a new organization name? Here’s what you need to know.
In this issue we interview Richard Loranger, our expert namer, on what goes into the naming process.


Why should I seek an expert namer when I’m starting a new business, or re-branding?

Some folks still have luck naming their own businesses or products, but it can be a terrific challenge due to the number of names that are in use. You certainly don’t want a previously registered business or trademarked product forcing you to drop your name once you’re already on the market. Also it’s a great advantage to have experienced namers throw their language expertise into the mix. They can provide a greater range of choices, and hone exactly what type of name will work best for you.

How do I know my organization name needs to change?

If your services or products have altered or expanded significantly from when you started out, or if you find yourself competing in a new marketplace, it can be a great idea to refresh your organization name and brand. The first step is to get your brand assessed, then evaluate how useful a name change might be.

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What does the naming process look like?

A naming process is best done assiduously, since it’s such an important aspect of your business. Many folks are tempted to skimp on either their time or budget for naming, and it’s just not a good idea. A standard naming process includes a discovery phase, where the creative team learns just what the business or product is, who uses it, what differentiates it from others, and what types of names they should explore.

That goes into crafting a creative brief that the writers use to develop a round of potential names, usually a few hundred altogether, called a master list. That is then culled to a shortlist, which goes through preliminary availability checks, and is then presented to the client. Often the first round results in a second round with more specific criteria based on the client’s feedback.

Most commonly, naming projects take two or three rounds to arrive a few names that both meet the criteria and are approved by the client. Those names then need to pass legal review.

About Richard

Richard Loranger is a naming and verbal branding consultant. Since 2007, he has completed more than five hundred assignments including names for new products, master brands, corporate services, corporate id’s, and taglines. He can be reached at [email protected], and you can read more about his background and services at



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