[Guest Post] Medical marijuana marketing: 3 keys to success

What healthcare marketers must know about medical marijuana marketing

medical marijuana marketing - 3 keys

What you need to know about medical marijuana marketing

As regulated medical cannabis (marijuana) enters the mainstream, many healthcare marketers have questions about the unique challenges they might face when engaging this sector.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when entering this space:


The most important concept in medical marijuana marketing is regulation and compliance. The cannabis sector in most medical-legal states is as restrictive as pharmaceuticals. There is a major responsibility to educate the consumer about the legal restrictions regarding its use. Although not all states with legal medical cannabis require pharmacists for dispensation, messaging should reflect a level of professionalism and knowledge equivalent to pharmaceutical products.

Consumer education

Consumers might not understand the difference between medical and black market cannabis. For example, medical cannabis offers standardized consumption methods and predictable dosages of THC and other cannabinoids.

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A thorough and credible cannabis education program, that covers both benefits and limitations, will create a more enlightened and loyal consumer base.

Consumers need to know:

  • Recommended cannabis strains for the condition they are treating
  • How to choose consumption methods (such as edibles, vaping, etc.)
  • How to determine and easily control dosage

Medical marijuana marketing: What works?

Because medical cannabis is still federally illegal, many marketing tactics are not effective. Social media marketing, for example, is exceptionally difficult when marketing cannabis, because the product violates the terms and conditions of many popular platforms.

Many medical cannabis providers utilize CRM and loyalty programs in order to gain insight about, and reach their base effectively.

About the writer

Matt Levinson is a LevinsonBlock strategic partner and the founder of Greenscale Canna, a consultancy specializing in technology solutions for the regulated cannabis sector. His expertise includes: POS solutions, seed to sale tracking, and cannabis CRMs. He also consults on developing loss prevention procedures, standard operating practices for dispensaries, and cultivation operations.


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