Marketing experts view 2015 trends

Three marketing experts (and me!) predict trends in 2015

It’s 6 AM. Our dog Selkie is about to deliver her weather forecast. If she is grabbing her toys, waving them in my face, and play-growling, it’s going to be a sunny day. She is ready to make a beeline for Prospect Park.

Selkie predicts sunshine!

Selkie predicts sunshine!

Rain in the forecast

On the other hand, if she is flopped on a pile of blankets in our bed, she is predicting rain. Other than forays to the kibble bowl, she will lie there all day.

While Selkie can predict the day’s weather, she is not so good at long range forecasts. Since it’s a new year, I’ve assembled a panel of experts to share their marketing forecasts for 2015.

Expert view: marketing trends 2015

Michael Schein
Michael Schein Communications is a digital marketing company that implements systems and process that turn businesses into recognized authorities in their fields for the purpose of driving new business online.

  • There’s going to be an upsurge of interest in Transmedia in both the marketing and media worlds. In short, that’s using all the various forms of communication technology out there to tell a unified story.
  • There will be a lot more focus on how the line between the online and offline worlds are dissolving — especially regarding social media and social networking.
    Continuing emphasis of quality metrics vs. quantity metrics (e.g. Number of true relationships built on social media vs. number of followers).

Trish Wend
The Quant Method identifies and segments the personality types in a client’s database and prescribes personality-specific targeted content to drive purchase behavior and increase customer lifetime value.

  • Hyper-personalization: It’s going to seem even more last-century to deliver everyone the same content. Look for creative new ways to segment your audience beyond buyer behavior and demographics.
  • Targeted ads: The technology exists to create and deploy ads that are built around the viewer — based on the way their brain is wired — for optimal consumption. Mobile is the natural channel to experiment with this.
  • CRM practices: Engagement maps aren’t just for enterprise companies. Data management enables small and mid-size organizations to create a complete visual understanding of their customer life cycle.

Mistina Picciano
Market it Write is a New Jersey-based writing agency that helps B2B organizations retain and attract their ideal clients with thought leadership, including white papers, newsletters and blogs.

  • Content as we know it is rapidly becoming a commodity. Marketing departments will be tasked with creating content-driven experiences, weaving memorable tales that transform customers into loyal fans.
  • Brand ambassadors will be more important than ever. Customers are tired of impersonal marketing messages; they want to connect with an authentic individual.

Finally, here are my predictions:

  • Mobile platforms will continue to have a huge influence of website design. There will also be fundamental changes in the development process: designing the mobile website first, and then adding content and features for the desktop, will become common.
  • However, the hot trend in one page website designs will peak and then decline: it will start to feel like a cliché.
    There will a zillion ventures trying to make advertising work on mobile. Almost all will fall short.

Have a shiny and prosperous New Year!


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