How your staff can energize your marketing


If you have an organization or business that delivers a service, your staff already represents your brand on a person-to-person basis.
Why not have them represent your brand in your marketing?

The advantages:

  • It humanizes your organization. If your communications sound bureaucratic, making your staff the star will create an emotional connection with your audience
  • It energizes your staff. Featuring staff recognizes outstanding performance
  • It builds the brand. If you offer a service to clients, their interaction with you is a big part of the product! Making your staff the star in your marketing multiplies your brand’s impact
Ways to make your staff the star:
  • Feature staff on the website. Talk about their job, and how they contribute to the organization. Pictures are important — show them with clients, not just portrait shots
  • Shoot a web video. Grab a Flip video camera and do an interview. Remember web videos should be under 3 minutes
  • Feature staff in direct mail/email campaigns. Try using staff quotations or stories in addition to client or donor testimonials
  • Events. During an event, have staff member participate. It can provide a break from the dignitaries, and help tie the event to your brand.
Remember — the best staff to feature are those who work directly with clients — not senior management!



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