How web video humanizes your online experience

Web video makes your brand feel human. It engages your audience with a human face, and adds sound to a silent medium. And it doesn’t have to be expensive!


The barbershop shave, performed by a steady hand with a wicked looking straightedge razor, is now a rarity —  but well worth seeking out. Recently I followed my son Matt’s recommendation and visited George’s, a tiny Russian barbershop a short bike ride away.

A close shave

Sure enough, when the barber was about done cutting my hair, he slathered hot foam on my face, stropped his razor, and demonstrated to me where the phrase “a close shave” came from. And then for the finale, he wrapped my head in a steaming, eucalyptus scented towel.

Total experience

Getting my hair cut at George’s engaged all my senses – especially touch and scent. My barbershop experience felt very different from where most of us spend our working days – the online environment.

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Behind glass

When you reach out to your audience via a website, email, or social media, their engagement with your organization is limited. They can’t hear your voice or see your facial expressions. The online user experience is ghostly, disembodied, and mediated by technology – literally behind a glass screen.

Cure for the ghostly medium

If you want to enhance your user experience with the human touch or voice, consider web video. Through web video your audience experiences you using two senses — sight and sound (plus motion). So it delivers the greatest impact with the least effort.

The result — when you use web video to reach past the glass screen, you help differentiate and humanize your brand.

And, since Google owns YouTube, web video is like a sugar rush for SEO. Google wants you to post videos, and will reward your organization with better search ranking.

Web video, fast and cheap

Keep in mind the quality bar for web video production on the web is set pretty low. A prominent consultant I know shoots his 2 minute, talking head videos at his desk with an iPhone. Just be sure the sound is adequate — that’s more important than visual quality.



The gnomon is the thing that casts the shadow on a sundial.

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