On-page content: How to feed your website

Guitar great Bill Frisell

Besides running a business, my most challenging task is studying electric guitar. I’m currently learning, note by note, a song by guitarist Bill Frisell — I’ve worked on it for 3 months, and have months to go.

What’s more, I’m never really finished learning a song — even if I think I’m done. That’s when Sean, my guitar teacher, will say, “That’s enough for now — we’ll circle back to that song and work on it some more later.”

As a person who enjoys crossing stuff off to-do lists, this has taken some getting used to.

A quaint notion

Now, back in ancient times — say, 5 years ago — once we built your website, it was finished. It stayed the same for a few years. Then we overhauled it completely.

Today, this is a quaint notion. The websites we develop now are never finished. To achieve a high search rank, they demand a continuous stream of content. A good target for new on-page content is adding 2,000 words a month to your website.

New demands

For example, we are currently developing a website for a large healthcare organization. We are building more than 30 pages that will be populated with healthcare education content. The organization will fill these pages, over time, with original articles, blog posts, videos, and announcements that are helpful to their target audience.

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How to develop on-page content

  • Focus on quality. Content quality trumps word count. You don’t want to populate your website with useless filler. So ask yourself:
    •  who is the audience?
    •  what content is most useful to them?
    •  what keywords are most valuable for them?
  • Breaking news. Plan content by creating a calendar. The calendar should not only show dates important to your organization, but dates important to your audience. It’s a good way to provide content that’s relevant and timely.
  • Consider video. Google is infatuated with it, so it is a quick way to boost search ranking. Sometimes it’s easier to write questions and then shoot and edit a video interview, than to write content. For examples of effective, low-tech video interviews, take a look at the Mayo Clinic YouTube channel.
  • Don’t go it alone. If you don’t have capacity to create enough high-quality content, talk to firms that do this. (Yes, we offer this service).



One of Warren Buffett’s first business ventures was to purchase pinball machines and put them in barber shops.


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