How to build a bigger healthcare brand

Here’s how to build a bigger healthcare brand and improve negotiating outcomes 


It’s true – a powerful healthcare brand makes your organization look bigger.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in an era of massive consolidation across all sectors of the healthcare vertical. So if you are a small or mid-size organization, changing the perceived size of your organization can be a big deal.

Having a powerful brand is like a bespoke suit – you look like you belong at the table.

Better outcomes in payer negotiations

For example, let’s say you are a provider group involved in payer negotiations with a gigantic insurance company. Even if you are a small provider, your brand can be just as professional and well executed as the gigantic payer’s brand.

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So, thanks to a powerful brand, the negotiation feels more like a meeting between equals. And this holds true for all kinds of business encounters. A powerful brand positions you as a peer, not a supplicant.

Build a bigger healthcare brand

In order to look big, your brand must feel like it belongs in your vertical:

  • Meet visual expectations. It’s OK to be original, but your visual brand should be constrained by your peers’ expectations. For example, a white shoe law firm should not look and feel like a teen fashion brand! So take note of standards in your business environment.
  • Promote your expertise. In healthcare, expert positioning is a great equalizer. If expertise is an attribute of your brand, promote it systematically.

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  • Speak like you belong. Healthcare sectors are like tribes – they speak their own language, with their own acronyms. For your healthcare brand to feel like it belongs, you need to speak the tribal language as well.
  • Your brand thrives on repetition. Repeat your key messages, look, and feel consistently across all communications channels, 24/7, forever. And make sure your website aligns 100% with your brand. 

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