Boost your email marketing by adding print

Boost your email marketing by adding print
Is your email marketing working as well as it used to? Inboxes are crowded, and email now competes with social media and online video for attention. Typical open rates average 20%  — although the actual open rate is usually higher, since some kinds of opens are not tracked.

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Why adding print boosts your email marketing

Should you dump your email marketing program? No. We think email marketing remains effective, but we suggest you add another communications channel — print. For example, if you substitute a print newsletter for your email newsletter a few times a year, you get many benefits:
  • You broaden your audience. You’ll capture the attention of readers who have been ignoring your emails.
  • Your current audience will take another look at you. By communicating in a novel way, they won’t take your messaging for granted.
  • Less competition. Since regular mail volume has been in decline for years, there is less competition for your readers attention. And people still love getting things in the mail — providing it is of real value to them.
  • You can feel it. People respond to something they can hold in their hands. Paper’s strength is that it is tactile — try touching an email. Sending your audience a paper newsletter is like shaking their hand.
  • Track it. If you offer a response path, you can track your audience’s response to print vs. email — and adjust your planning accordingly. You can also drive traffic to your website, if you have a strong offer and a simple URL.



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