Heathcare content marketing: avoid these pitfalls

How to avoid common pitfalls in healthcare content marketing


Lessons from NYC bar gigs

Now that I’ve joined the Eephus Band, playing old-time music gigs in New York City bars, I’ve learned a few lessons about performing live.

There’s a lot going on during a show — for example, I need to remember lyrics, or who solos when, or what we play when the next band is late and we need to stretch things out. If we don’t sweat the details, we may end up with a trainwreck.

So I came up with this list of DOs and DON’Ts :

  • DO keep an eye on your instruments – they can go missing, and not in a good way!
  • DON’T put your beer on top of a guitar amplifier. If you spill it, you can really light up the room!
  • DON’T drink coffee before a gig. There’s such a thing as being too excited in front of an audience!
  • DO make sure the microphone is set to your height. If you stoop and sing you’ll feel it the next day!

And by the way, my band can be found at facebook.com/eephusband

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Healthcare content marketing DOs and DON’Ts

Just like a band in a bar, the healthcare content marketing process can sometimes turn into a trainwreck. But we’re here to help!

Here’s some DOs and DON’Ts to keep your content marketing program in the groove.

  • DO have measures of your success. For example: web traffic, conversions, or brand perception.
  • DO find out what keywords your audience uses when searching for your site. They can shape the kind of content you produce, and should be woven into the text
  • DON’T ask your in-house experts to write (They won’t)
  • DO interview your in-house experts. This is the most painless way to get content from them
  • DO produce video – but DON’T make them longer than 2 minutes
  • DO include visuals in every post – they are a proven way to engage users
  • DON’T forget to include calls to action
  • DO have a standard review and approval process in place. Items to review:
    • Is the healthcare information accurate?
    • Is the “voice” of the writing engaging? Does it sound like your brand?
    • Is the level of clinical detail appropriate for your audience?
  • DO repurpose content as e-news, re-posts, and on social platforms

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