Healthcare tech website: Why your demo button isn’t enough

How to boost healthcare tech website conversions at every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to decision.

Healthcare tech website: Why your demo button isn’t enough

How an air hockey puck is like your customer’s journey

My favorite sport was air hockey, back when I lived in Los Angeles. My friends and I played at Shatto Lanes, a perfectly preserved 1960’s bowling alley just minutes from my house. Air hockey is played on what looks like a pool table. But unlike a pool table, the puck, a small plastic disk, glides on a cushion of air over tiny pinhole air jets on the table’s surface.

Now, one of the charms of air hockey is how the puck can wander across the table, gently bouncing at random off multiple walls to eventually reach the goal.

Your wandering prospect

Which brings us to your healthcare tech website! The wandering motion of an air hockey puck is a lot like your prospect’s journey to becoming a customer. Your prospect will rarely move in a straight line. They will visit your website multiple times, look at 3rd party content, and visit competing websites. Only after a lengthy journey will they consider requesting a demo.

Why you need more than a demo button

A healthcare tech website often relies on a big demo button as their only conversion. But only offering a demo is like asking for marriage before your first date. You need to offer touches, content and incentives to engage your prospect in every stage of their journey.

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How to engage and convert your prospect at every journey stage

1. Awareness

The awareness stage is where your prospects first understand they may have a challenge they need to solve. Your content in this stage should be accessible to all, that is, un-gated.

Engagement tools

  • Unbranded blog posts answering common client challenges – to boost SEO and promote expert positioning
  • Digital Advertising (paid search and paid social) that drive website traffi
  • Articles about sector trends
  • Social media

2. Consideration

Once a prospect has identified your firm as offering a solution to their problem, you can offer deeper content about their challenge, and start the conversation about how you solve it. At this stage you can ask permission to engage them on a regular basis, and offer gated content.

Engagement tools:

  • E-newsletters for lead nurturing and to demonstrate expertise, knowledge, and resources over time
  • Blog content around specific topics
  • Product comparisons
  • Case studies
  • Webinars
  • White papers

3. Decision

Decisions are largely about trust – in your brand and your product. So besides offering specific information on your product, you also want to offer third party validation. The most powerful validation are from your prospect’s peers. This is the phase where they are finally ready to click on that big demo button!

Engagement tools:

  • Reviews and 3rd party articles
  • Tailored use cases
  • Client testimonials
  • Client videos
  • Technical specifications, in-depth features
  • Demo!

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