Healthcare tech brand: Why you need more than innovation

How to win prospects by adding trust to your innovative healthcare tech brand

healthcare tech brand - just add trust to innovation

When tech was thrilling…

When I got my first Apple computer years ago, I was thrilled by the newness of it all. Even though the computer was horribly slow, crashed now and then, and wrecked my posture — I loved innovation.

Nowadays, not so much. I have a more skeptical view of innovation, and carefully weigh the risks of converting to a new technology or workflow. I’ve retreated from the bleeding edge.

Why you need more than innovation

So, most healthcare technology firms claim innovation – being new, different and brilliant – as their core brand attribute.

But many of their prospects are a bit like me. Prospects are often fearful they will get burned by innovation.

Add trust to your brand

They may be worried a healthcare technology firm is too small or too new to fully support implementation. Or they may be concerned you won’t be around for the long haul.

So a healthcare tech brand needs to be more than innovative – it needs to be trusted. To win over doubtful prospects a successful healthcare tech brand must feel capable, confident, and permanent.

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How to build a trusted healthcare tech brand

  • Repetition. Want to have a brand that feels bigger and more established? You need to embrace repetition. Endless repetition of key messages, attributes and visual branding are the key to looking and sounding like a major brand.
  • Expert positioning. In order for your innovation to be trusted you have to own and promote your expertise. One of the best ways to convey your expertise is by publishing a steady steam of objective content such as use cases, white papers and blog posts. Even better: Google rewards new and relevant content with better search ranking.
  • Validation: testimonials and other third party endorsements move the needle on trust. To have the greatest impact for SEO, endorsements should be posted directly by your clients in your Google business listing
  • Visual sophistication: When it comes to visual branding, today’s marketplace is discerning and demanding. At minimum, make sure your logo and website is as good as your competition.

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