Healthcare tagline: how to find yours!

Learn the questions to ask to write a great healthcare tagline. Find out what makes a winner – and a loser!

Healthcare tagline: how to find yours!

The healthcare tagline is the haiku of branding. With a few words, they need to capture your brand essence, express an authentic personality, and be catchy as a top ten hit.

In this post we look at some exemplary healthcare taglines, both good and bad.

How to evaluate a healthcare tagline

Ask yourself:

  • Is it differentiating?
  • Does it have a personality or emotion?
  • Does it embody the brand promise?
  • Is it short?
  • Is it simple?
  • Is it believable?
  • Is it memorable?

The good ones

These outstanding healthcare taglines have a few things in common:

  • They are short
  • They use simple words
  • They have a strong personality

Hello life

Simple, differentiating – and captures the brand personality. In just 2 words, the tagline greets you warmly (“hello” ) and connects to the mission of this healthcare organization in the broadest and most positive way (‘life”).

We practice what we teach

Witty pun on the old adage for a teaching hospital. Riffing on a familiar saying makes for a memorable brand.

With us, it’s always personal

Another great brand personality tagline. It’s a novel way to express a caring culture, which is, of course, a universal healthcare brand promise.

The name you know. The doctors you trust.

The 2 sentence tagline is a common formula in healthcare, but it’s rarely as well executed as this one. It uses short, simple words. The 2nd sentence moves the reader from “knowing” to “trusting”.

Atlanta can’t live without Grady

Personality, confidence, and a bit of humor in this winner.

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The bad ones

There are a lot more where these come form!

The common crimes:

  • No personality
  • No differentiation
  • Unconvincing claims
  • Straight-up bad writing

You’ll Love the Way We Care for You

Generic, could be any industry. Bland and uninspiring.

Uncompromising Excellence. Commitment to Care.

Wordy, bureaucratic, hard to remember. Any healthcare organization can (and does) say this.

Transforming Healthcare in Every Direction

Missed the target! These 2 phrases don’t match up, which creates a credibility problem. Like all of the bad taglines, there is no personality – the tagline just don’t cut through the mix.

Passionate About Medicine. Compassionate About People.

Compare to the 2 sentence formula under good taglines. Clumsy wordplay between “passionate” and “compassionate”. At this point, “passion” is an overused phrase in messaging – it’s credibility has been leached out.

Bonus Questions

  • What’s the best healthcare tagline you’ve seen recently?
  • What’s the worst?

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