Healthcare marketing agencies: Small vs. big

Why small is beautiful when considering healthcare marketing agencies

Healthcare marketing agencies: small vs. big

The glory days of Moe Ginsberg Haberdashery

What’s the best shopping experience I ever had? No, it wasn’t ordering from Amazon. It was Moe Ginsberg, a men’s haberdasher that used to be at Broadway and 21st street.

“You are size 44 long…”

When I needed a new suit, I entered Moe Ginsberg’s dusty lobby and took the ancient elevator to the second floor. Out of the gloom of the showroom an ancient salesman emerged, with a measuring tape around his neck. With a glance, he’d tell me my size: a 44 long. He would then disappear into the bowels of the store and, in a few minutes, return with an armload of suits for me to try on.

He’d make a few wisecracks when I found the one that looked best. Then I’d be steered over to the tailor, and he’d chalk the hems. A week later I’d pick it up. That’s shopping made easy!

Small store, big advantage

Moe Ginsberg was a small store competing with large stores like Macy’s. But Moe’s had an advantage over the big stores: deep knowledge and a great customer experience.

And that’s the very same advantage small healthcare marketing agencies have over big agencies: deep knowledge and a great customer experience.

Small healthcare marketing agencies: the advantages

    • Focus is on you
      Your business is simply more important to a small agency like ours. So we won’t be assigning inexperienced benchwarmers to your project. Instead, you’ll get the senior team. Remember, for a small agency your success is integral to their success.
    • Flat organizational chart
      We don’t have bureaucracy or silos, so we are able to respond rapidly and flexibly to your needs. You’ll have direct contact with the team members actually doing the work. And because collaboration is part of our DNA, solutions are likely to be fresh and smart.

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  • Deep knowledge
    Successful small healthcare marketing agencies are specialists, not generalists. They invest in deep knowledge of a specific vertical – in our case, mid-size healthcare organizations. Clients today often don’t have the resources to educate an agency on their industry, so it makes sense to consider an agency who has unique expertise in your vertical.

About us

LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing agency that specializes in mid-sized organizations. Our clients include healthcare providers such as FQHCs, disease foundations, and healthcare technology firms.
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