Healthcare lead generation: 4 overlooked tools

Are you a digital health or technology firm that sells to healthcare organizations? Here are four healthcare lead generation tools that you may have overlooked.

healthcare lead generation

The Extra Hand.
The right healthcare lead generation tool can be a difference-maker!

Sometimes the right tool can be a difference-maker.

For example, check out the Extra Hand, pictured above.

Last weekend I sat down to solder a broken wire inside my electric guitar. Now when you solder, you hold the hot iron in one hand, and the roll of solder in the other hand.

But there was a problem. I needed something — like a third hand! —  to hold in place the broken wire that needed fixing. Luckily I had the right tool for this specialized job — the Extra Hand.

Four healthcare lead generation tools you may have overlooked

Now, there are many tools that can help with healthcare lead generation. And like the Extra Hand, if it’s the right tool for you, it can be a difference-maker.
1. Direct mail 
You’ll be noticed with direct mail, because most physical mail boxes these days are empty. For this tool to be effective you need a highly targeted mailing list. Of course the more targeted the list is, the more it costs! Consider this mulit-channel approach: send a well-written business latter on formal stationery, with a real postage stamp, then follow with emails or phone calls. 
2. LinkedIn InMail 
InMail are paid messages you send to other LinkedIn members who are out of your network. InMail can work well when your prospects are active on LinkedIn. The catch: if your prospects are not active LinkedIn users, they may ignore your InMail. Are healthcare prospects into LinkedIn? It depends on which healthcare vertical you are marketing to – so proceed cautiously.

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3. Explainer video
Explainer videos are 60 second animated videos with a voice-over that tells your story. They present your solution to the key pain point that your prospect experiences. Explainer videos increase the impact of your message by telling it as an audio-visual story. Keep in mind this medium is best for top-level content, not granular detail.
4. Email drip campaign
A drip campaign is a series of automated emails sent in response to website conversions, such as downloading a use case. The emails offer educational content to move targets through the prospect journey, and can be customized for the awareness and evaluate stages. You’ll need to have in place a robust library of educational content to trigger website conversions and to offer in the drip campaign.

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