Healthcare facility billboards: permanent low-cost marketing

Three ways to elevate your brand through healthcare facility branding

Three ways to elevate your brand through healthcare facility billboards

A unique feature in Brooklyn — our driveway!

Here in Brooklyn, having a driveway is pretty rare. So when people come by our old brick rowhouse, it’s often the first thing they mention (other than noting that I need to sweep the sidewalk more often!).

But we take our driveway for granted – we never think about it. It’s just somewhere we park the car every day.

Healthcare facility billboards: the asset you already own

In a similar way, many healthcare providers have a major marketing asset that they overlook – their facilities. 

example of healthcare facility billboards

Got big blank walls on your facility? Turn them into rent-free healthcare facility billboards!

Here are three ways to turn your facilities into major brand platforms and generate thousands of impressions: 

Facility wall billboards

Large blank exterior walls can be used as permanent, rent-free healthcare facility billboards. They offer a great opportunity to build brand awareness, promote community health, and draw attention to your facility.

Eye level posters

Eye level media works well for engaging pedestrians – think subway station posters. The messages can be longer, and combined with simple calls to action, such as “come on in”.

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Entrance graphics

Take a careful look at your facility entrance. Does it feel welcoming, or does it feel cluttered and neglected? An attractive entrance validates a prospective patient’s decision to enter, and sets the tone for their experience at your facility. 

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