Healthcare branding: How to position your service

Building a new website or brand? It’s important to get the labeling right, because you’ll be using those exact words forever.

Healthcare branding: Labeling your service

Sometimes little things are a big deal for healthcare brands. Take nomenclature, or labeling – the way you identify the market you target, or the services you provide.

Why are labels important?

Brands become powerful through consistency and repetition. Building a new website or brand? It’s important to get the labels right, because you’ll be using those exact words on all platforms, all the time, forever.

Labeling for a managed care provider

Here’s some of the label upgrades we recommended for a managed care organization:

Care management  →  Care coordination
Members don’t like the idea that their care is managed! This labeling upgrade emphasizes that this provider is all about collaboration.

High use patients  →  Health home eligible patients
Calling patients who frequently visit the ER as “high use” can be seen as derogatory. The new label is neutral and more accurate.

Labeling for a FQHC

Network of clinics  →  System of health centers
When we built a brand strategy for a large Federally Qualified Health Center, we discovered it was more powerful – and accurate —  to position them as a highly unified system, rather than a loosely grouped network.

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Labeling for Digital Health

Accessing patient data  →   Delivering patient data

When we developed messaging for a large HIE (Healthcare Information Exchange) we found that clinicians resisted logging in on multiple websites to view patient data. So our client’s technology displayed patient data directly in clinicians’ existing EHR. Labeling their service as delivering data was stronger and addressed clinicians pain points – a real win!

Got messaging challenges?

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Naming and website for a membership advocacy organization

Naming and website for a membership advocacy organization


We recently developed a new name and website for NY Health Home Coalition, a membership advocay organization. Visit at

“It’s critical for a healthcare advocacy website to effectively engage with decision makers and motivate members. The new brand and website by LevinsonBlock tells our story with power and immediacy, and helps our mission succeed.”
– Meggan Schilkie, MBA, Executive Director NYHHC

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