Handling negative online reviews: Q & A

Concerned about negative reviews? Read on for our interview wih reputation expert Steve May.

Why you may need online reputation management...

Why you may need online reputation management…

In this issue we interview Steve May, online reputation expert. Thanks Steve!

What are the best tactics for dealing with negative reviews?

First and foremost, don’t panic! Negative reviews are a reality of today’s online world, where consumers have ever-accessible platforms for voicing feedback.

The best online reputation management tactic is awareness. Regularly review customer sentiment in Google+, Tripadvisor and any other platform where the organization is being reviewed. Regular monitoring of your review trends can help you address problems to lessen the possibility of future negative reviews.

Furthermore, regular review of your online reputation gives you the opportunity to directly address negative reviews with the unhappy customer.

How you publicly address negative reviews says just as much about the integrity and customer service capability of your company, if not more, than positive reviews.

Why should a company claim their listing by setting up a Google+, Yelp, or Tripadvisor account?

In order to respond to any review, the first step is to claim your business listing. In Google, this involves either setting up a new Google+ account, if your business is not yet listed in Google, or claiming an existing profile as your own.

Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to address any negative reviews (and positive reviews) publicly as a representative of your company. You can also manage important details for your business profile – website URL, address, contact information, business hours, and photos.

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What does an online reputation management firm do?

An online reputation management (ORM) firm was once thought of as a response to negative reviews, forum posts, and Google listings. Our clients would engage us to develop an effective ORM strategy to uncover the underlying cause of negative entries and mitigate their impact.

There is now widespread recognition that online marketing needs to expand beyond advertising and promotion – it needs to also incorporate brand management. As a result, many businesses now integrate ORM services into their online marketing, rather than use ORM only to mitigate negative reviews.

These businesses use ORM campaigns to sculpt their brand reputation by attracting more positive reviews, monitoring response trends, and addressing negative reviews, while also thanking positive reviewers.

More about Steve May

Steve May photo

Steve May

Stephen May is an online reputation management specialist and president of Crescent Leaf Technologies (www.crescentleaf.com), a NYC-area firm with expertise in search engine optimization, online reputation management, and online marketing.


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