[Guest Post] Is on-page SEO still relevant?

A technical SEO expert tells you what you need to know

All about Technical SEO today

All about Technical SEO today

For this issue we invited Justin Croxton, the CEO of Que Commerce (www.que-commerce.com) to answer questions about technical SEO. Que Commerce is a search engine marketing firm that provides SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Analytics services to companies.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO ensures that a website achieves a high Google search rank, by improving the performance of sitemaps, site speed, url optimization, robot.txt (ensuring pages are or are not being blocked by Google), duplicate content, and RSS Feeds.

Why is SEO valuable?

SEO is valuable because it reaches people in the act of searching online. Since they are actively looking for something, whether it’s a purchase, or information, they are more receptive to marketing. On the other hand, people visiting social media or news websites are not necessarily searching for anything. They visit to be entertained or get information specifically from that website.

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What does the technical SEO process look like?

After a discovery process to understand a company’s business, competition, and what drives revenue, the implementation phase begins with on-page optimization, which consists keyword research, title tagging, and advising on additional web pages that could be built to improve effectiveness. The next phase is technical SEO (see above).

The final and most time consuming part of the process is link building or link earning. The SEO firm will work to acquire authoritative and relevant links for the website. The more links the SEO firm gets, the better chance that the website will rank highly for the most relevant keywords.


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