[GUEST POST] Offshoring websites: pros & cons

We interview an expert on the pros and cons of offshoring web development.

Meet Beverly Stacy, owner of Façade Interactive. She has over 17 years in the internet sector and has assembled a staff of 6 programmers in Debrecen, Hungary. They deliver a wide range of projects including websites built on WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal platforms, e-commerce sites, and e-blasts. Façade Interactive is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Contact her at: 917-686-9575 or beverly.stacy@facadeinteractive.com

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What are the advantages to offshoring web development?

If you find the right team to work with offshore, you can find many of the same work standards we have here in the US at a fraction of the cost. These programmers are well educated, hardworking and speak English with relative fluency. A good offshoring firm has a manager that personally knows the strengths and weaknesses of each programmer and can match them to the project at hand.

What are the potential problems?

Time zone issues are usually my biggest problem. When a bug is noticed and brought to my attention after the programmer’s work day, I may have to wait until the next morning before I can get it fixed. Also holiday schedules are different: they may have a 2 day holiday in October or November that we do not have.

What should I look for in an offshoring company?

They should have a project manager stateside to act as the mediator between the client and the programmers. If that is not the case, try to get references. Sites like Elance.com and Guru.com have a review system where you can read reviews of previous clients.

Around how much can I expect to save going offshore?

It depends on the region and level of expertise you are looking for. Eastern Europe is a little more expensive then Vietnam, but our working hours overlap more with Eastern Europe so the collaboration is better. Eastern Europe may be $15+/hour while Vietnam maybe $10+/hour, while someone in the New York City area is charging $100+/hour.


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