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An abandoned drive-in movie theater is a beautiful thing. We came across one while driving through the town of Orangeburg, in Rockland County.

An abandoned drive-in movie theater

An abandoned drive-in movie theater


A relic of the mid-20th century

As we approached the drive-in, we saw a small forest of saplings growing out of the pavement – that’s where people sat in their cars and watched the movie. There were rows of metal pipes that held the speaker boxes too.

And looming majestically over the saplings, like a giant sail, was the bright white drive-in movie screen. It must have been thirty feet high.

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Now, when it comes to websites, we suggest you avoid that abandoned drive-in movie feeling.

Why you need to feed your blog

It’s easy – if you have a news feed or blog, post often. If the most recent event in your news feed or blog is more than a month old, your audience will notice. Old posts undermine your website’s credibility.

Furthermore, Google will notice too, and will downgrade your search rank. It’s best to keep Google happy.

Your choice: update it regularly — or take it down.


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