DigitaI marketing: how to build audience personas

For effective digital marketing, build specific audience personas 

specific audience personas

Voodoo doll hand drawing vector illustration. All elements are layered separatey.

It’s fall – so it’s beach-going season for our dog Selkie. She loves roaming the dunes at Plum Beach, a run-down strand along the Belt Parkway, and bringing us what she finds – usually a dead fish or an aggravated horseshoe crab. 

October surprise

But recently she dropped at our feet something quite unusual – a genuine voodoo doll. It was crudely stitched together out of canvas, with few marks indicating the eyes, nose and mouth. And there was a red dot that marked where the heart was. There was a pin sticking in it.

Now a voodoo doll, as I understand it, is aimed at a specific person. And it is meant to have a direct effect on that person – in this case, probably to hurt them!

Digital marketing and voodoo dolls

This got me thinking about digital marketing. Much like our voodoo doll, it’s most effective when aimed at as specific an audience as possible (without trying to hurt them, of course!). 

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Why? Because whenever your audience is engaged, they want to know one thing: “What’s in it for me?” To answer this question, you need to understand them as specifically as possible.

How to answer “what’s in for me?”

You do this by building specific audience personas. These are semi-fictional representations of your ideal audience based on your research – not your assumptions.

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You research audience personas by briefly interviewing clients: you want a mix of your best clients, and those who don’t know you that well. In my experience, there are always unexpected insights that come out of this process.

What’s in specific audience personas?

  • Demographics, lifestyle and employment
  • Goals and challenges
  • Consumer behavior
  • Attitudes and defining traits
  • How you help achieve their goals
  • Common objections
  • Real quotes from your interviews

Finally, make your persona feel real by giving it an actual name.


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