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The healthcare sector is made up of smaller verticals – each a professional tribe with their own language and pain points. You need to talk the language and articulate their pain points to successfully engage a healthcare vertical.

Communicate successfully with healthcare professionals

I got this email the other day:

Hello There, I hope you are well.

I just came across your website and wondering if I could also contribute my articles on it. I have contributed to many high authority websites to share my knowledge with readers. If you are accepting guest posts then let me know, so that I can share my topic ideas with you and we can proceed further.

Looking forward to your positive response.
– Jim

Of course I hit the delete key. Why?

Putting aside the awkward language and faulty grammar, Jim made some key communication errors:

  • Voice: Jim’s voice is formal, generic, and impersonal. Working with this person sounds about as fun as waiting on hold for the IRS. And is it too much to ask that I’m addressed by my name?
  • Language: Jim has not shown he’s in my professional tribe. If he were part of my professional tribe – healthcare marketing agencies — Jim would use our language, that is, our specialized jargon for branding, messaging and design.
  • Pain points: Finally, if Jim was part of my professional tribe, he would understand and articulate the pain points typical of healthcare marketing agencies.

Communicate successfully with healthcare professionals

Which brings us to healthcare professionals.

It’s tribal! Within the gigantic healthcare sector are many smaller verticals, such as pharma, clinical specialists, community health centers, and digital health companies.

Each smaller vertical is a professional tribe, with their own language and pain points. And each vertical has high barriers to entry that prevent outsiders from easily getting in.

Speak the language

Like Jim, my email writer above, you need to speak the language to have credibility with a healthcare professional tribe. For example, to engage with community health centers, you need to understand and use jargon like: DSRIP, qualified entities, 340B, VBP, ACO, IPA, PPS – and that’s just a start!

Understand the pain points

Besides mastery of jargon, it’s important to understand and articulate the pain points that challenge healthcare professional tribes. For example, for community health centers key challenges include expanding the number of patients they serve, or diversifying revenue streams.

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