Postal mail: Clothespins, and where your competition isn’t

postal mail

The discovery in the garden

I’m interested in archaic technology, so when we moved into our 1930s brick row house, I was excited to discover a pulley screwed into the back wall of our house. Sure enough, at the far end of our garden, secured into a retaining wall, was a matching pulley – the primary components of an old school clothesline.

Amphora-shaped rope tensioner

Amphora-shaped rope tensioner

Invented in the 1700s

When I started to accessorize the clothesline, I discovered a whole suite of ancient hardware. For example, the elegant one-piece clothespins I use were invented by the Shakers in the 1700s. I also got an amphora-shaped rope tensioner that can tighten the rope with a tug.

Why market using postal mail

It got me thinking about another piece of archaic technology, the US Postal Service. When we recently went on vacation for a week, I came back to 976 emails – but just 40 pieces of postal mail. The emails I went through as quickly as possible, and barely glanced at some as I mass deleted on the fly. By contrast, I not only looked at the mail, but physically handled it, as I opened, scanned, tossed, or kept it.

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Less competition

If you are looking for a channel for your messages that has less competition, consider postal mail. Here’s another advantage — mail is not only read, but touched as well, so your message is experienced by the recipient in multiple ways. And keep in mind people read print easier and faster (30%) than online.

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Even better — combine several channels, like email and postal mail; or print ads and radio. In a multi-channel campaign your audience experiences your message in different ways, at differing times. It makes your message feel bigger, and boosts your results.



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