[Case Study] Healthcare technology branding and website

How a high-touch insight helped a smaller healthcare technology firm compete.

The challenge

Our client was a healthcare technology firm that offers a telehealth service.  Their product is used by chronically ill people who take their own vitals on a regular basis and share that information electronically with their doctor.

Their challenge was that their competitors are much larger, brand name companies, like Siemens, Bosch, and Honeywell.

AMC Before & After

Our solution

Through qualitative research, competitive audits, and analysis, we helped our client see that unlike their competitors who saw themselves in the technology business, they were in the service business. Telehealth patients are often confused by the technology, and doctors often see it as just another headache. By wrapping the technology inside a high-touch, one-on-one service, they stood out in a meaningful way.

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Brand position XY diagram

Brand position XY diagram

Based on the high-touch insight, we developed a brand strategy for our client to support this. Messaging, new logo, new website, new collateral … all around this single point.

Most importantly, we developed a tagline which defined their difference: Where caring and technology meet.

The outcome

Six months after the new brand launch the Director of Marketing said, “Our biggest challenge is keeping up with all the new leads we’ve generated.” Their sales force is excited about referring prospects to the web site and they are able to compete effectively.


Where caring and technology meet

AMC Health Website

AMC Health Website

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