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How a new brand and website motivated doctors to refer their patients to a leading Health Home care management organization

Healthcare website development

Healthcare organization website for Hudson Valley Care

LevinsonBlock planned, designed, and developed the new brand and website for Hudson Valley Care, a leading regional Health Home care management organization.

The Goal

Hudson Valley Care (HVC) connects Medicaid patients who have complex needs to health and social services that help them lead better lives.

HVC required a brand strategy, logo and website that motivated doctors and social workers – their most productive targets – to refer their patients to HVC.

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Healthcare organization website: Process

LevinsonBlock performed a discovery process that defined key pain points for doctors and social workers. Using these insights, we then created branding that included motivating messages, a new logo, and integrated marketing tools.

We developed a customized WordPress website solution that included:

healthcare organization logo

Hudson Valley Care logo – before and after


“The new messaging and website immediately positioned Hudson Valley Care as experts in Health Home care management. It’s given our doctors the confidence to refer more patients to us. The new logo really expresses who we are and puts us miles ahead of other healthcare organizations.”

– Amie Parikh, Executive Director

About us

LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing agency that specializes in mid-sized organizations. Our clients include healthcare providers such as FQHCs, disease foundations, and healthcare technology firms.
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