[Case Study] Healthcare org family of brands

Visual brand before and after

Visual brand before and after

Defining a healthcare organization

When we started working with Jewish Guild for the Blind, leadership felt the organization had outgrown the brand, was overshadowed by competitors, and was unknown by the public.

The client’s name did not express its expanded mission. Its many sub-brands were confusing, and weakened the parent brand.

Research and insights

Our competitive audit of marketing materials, along with those of three major rivals, showed that its brand was undefined, and its voice institutional and unappealing.


At our recommendation, the organization took a new name: Jewish Guild Healthcare. This incorporated the old name, connecting to a century of quality care, but clearly signaled that the Guild did more than treat the visually impaired.

The new brand consolidated the entire family of sub brands and programs, uniting them under the greater Guild umbrella with a consistent look and voice.

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The new website we developed for the Guild looks and functions like a site for a leading 21st-century healthcare organization. Further, we made it much easier for healthcare professionals to refer patients using the website.

The client-centric collateral materials we developed shared a similar look, feel, and caring voice.

Lighthouse Guild Website before and after

Lighthouse Guild Website before and after

Results and new opportunities

The new approach has triggered a transformation into a far more accessible organization. And the rollout of the new brand has opened up new opportunities for growth. Recently Jewish Guild Healthcare merged with Lighthouse International, creating the preeminent national organization for the visually impaired.

“We have a real family of brands now, and there’s less confusion over our mission among the people we want to serve. The revitalized brand and improved website have made it far easier to reach out and connect with people who can be helped by the Guild.”

— Cathleen Wirts,
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communications

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