[Case Study] Healthcare content marketing

How a targeted healthcare content marketing program shaped expert positioning for a major organization.

Case study: healthcare content marketing

Healthcare content marketing in action

The opportunity

Lighthouse Guild is the leading national healthcare nonprofit helping people who are visually impaired or blind. It has a mature website platform and over 3,000 Facebook followers. But the organization needed to do a better job demonstrating expertise in vision health and building a consistent online relationship with potential clients.


The target

One of the website’s primary business metrics is converting website visitors to new clients. The target audience includes visually impaired people, especially older adults and their families. So the target audience is interested in healthcare content about subjects that affect their lives, such as eye health, diabetes and age related conditions.


First, we reviewed preliminary content ideas with Lighthouse Guild. The ideas we focused on connected with our client’s target audience, and promoted our client’s expertise.

Then we developed a 12-month editorial calendar with themes for each month, based on vision and health awareness promotions such as National Diabetes Month, and seasonal content such as holiday toys and eye safety.

The content program

We produce four blog posts per month. Especially for this content program, we have developed a warm but authoritative voice, and avoided clinical language. The first draft of each blog post contains footnotes of our information sources – as an authoritative healthcare organization it is important Lighthouse Guild verifies and endorses our sources.

Blog posts are displayed on a rapidly-growing top level section of the website, and on social media platforms such as Facebook.

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We are now adding content from direct interviews with Lighthouse Guild in-house experts. We are planning video as well. These are effective strategies for demonstrating expertise and making the content feel personal.

The outcome

LevinsonBlock’s content marketing program has boosted search rank and built strong relationships with our key audiences. It has contributed to positioning the Lighthouse Guild as the pre-eminent vision and healthcare brand.”
– Cathleen Wirts, Senior Vice President, Strategy

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LevinsonBlock is a Brooklyn-based healthcare marketing firm that specializes in mid-sized organizations. Our clients include healthcare providers such as FQHCs, disease foundations, and healthcare technology firms.


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