[Case Study] Health plan advertising

How targeted advertising helped this health plan provider compete in an expanded market and connect with a key decision-maker.

Healthcare advertising and media strategy

Healthcare advertising and media strategy for an MLTC plan

The challenge

GuildNet offers managed long term care plans that help New Yorkers who on Medicaid or Medicare get care at home. GuildNet is known to many healthcare providers, but was relatively unknown to New York City consumers.

New York State expanded the market for long term care by requiring many Medicaid eligible clients to choose a plan. With the expanded market came increased opportunity — and increased competition.

The opportunity

GuildNet needed to be introduced to New York City consumers and presented as the best choice for managed long term care. Their goals were to elevate their brand, gain members and grow market share.

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The decision-maker

We studied the market and their competitors. We discovered that often the key decision-maker was not the Medicaid client themselves, but their daughters. We performed brand strategy, identified pain points, and determined the best media to reach the primary decision maker.

One key message

We determined that the one key message that would effectively motivate daughters was “With GuildNet your loved one can stay safe at home.” This was the primary theme for the advertising campaign.

Targeted media planning

We started with advertising in the subway and all-news radio to get maximum exposure (over 65 million impressions a month) at low cost per impression. We then added niche media that reached specific ethnic groups in their communities. Once the campaign had traction, we started advertising in Facebook to engage communities in conversations about managed long term care.

The outcome

GuildNet is now one of the largest plans in New York City with over 15,000 members, and growing!

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