[Case Study] Behavioral Health Provider Annual Report

Annual report elevates profile

The annual report cover, leading to...

The annual report cover, leading to…

This behavioral health provider was doing everything right — but it had to get the word out.

PSCH does amazing work. The third-largest behavioral health provider in the New York City metro area, it provides residential care and housing for patients with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

The only problem? Despite PSCH’s size and 30-year history, not enough people knew about it.


  • Create an engaging tool PSCH could use to open doors to greater opportunities
  • Show that PSCH is a major player, with facilities all over the NYC region and an established record of success
  • Highlight the innovative methods PSCH has used to achieve growth and improve client care

What stood out

In our research, what stood out was PSCH’s willingness to invest in outside-the-box solutions. For example, when it saw its clients needed better access to vital medications, it built its own full-service pharmacy. And it was a pioneer in creating alliances with other effective organizations.

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One big idea

An annual report will have the most impact if it showcases one big idea that is woven into all content. Because PSCH was largely unknown but so smart and successful, it made sense to position it as the “best-kept secret” in human services in the region.

First page spread

First page spread

Bold claim

The report captured readers’ interest from the moment they saw the cover. We make a bold claim with the cover headline: “The fastest-growing human services agency you’ve never heard of.”

Upon opening the report, readers immediately saw a map that folded out into a three-page spread pinpointing the locations of all 78 PSCH facilities. At a glance, it was clear PSCH was a major regional agency.

The voice of the report was energetic, engaged and assertive, comfortably informal yet still totally professional.


“The annual report has been a very useful tool for introducing PSCH to potential partners and stakeholders. It tells our story in an appealing and memorable way, by focusing on the unique qualities that clearly make our agency an organization worth supporting and working with. People can take one look at the annual report and understand who we are and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

— Alan Weinstock, President and CEO, PSCH

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