[CASE STUDY] New website grows clients 15%

How rethinking website structure to serve the user grew a client roster 15%


Rethinking content, motivating key audiences to take action

VCG Governance Matters has a 46-year reputation for leadership and encyclopedic knowledge of board recruitment and governance. But its website—an avalanche of information inherited from two legacy websites—needed to be streamlined. 

The Challenge

VCG needed the new website to target key prospects and motivate them to engage. In addition, VCG wanted the website to become the go-to source for board governance information by achieving high search rank, successfully soliciting donations, and building their email list



Organization: The new website was organized to match services to user needs. The four key user segments were each offered a customized group of services tailored to them.

Shortcuts: We created a home page shortcut menu. The shortcuts, a conspicuous bank of orange oversize buttons, displays the four most frequently requested services. It is a fast way to get the user where they need to go with one click.

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Calls to action: Each page has tailored and conspicuous calls to action. And users can go beyond the usual “contact us” offer. For example: 

• Ask an expert form
• A call-me-back form
• A meet-up form


“Since our new website was launched, the number of solid leads has doubled. More importantly, these leads have resulted in a 15% growth in our client roster.  

We’re also thrilled that site traffic has grown significantly, and both time spent on the site and return visits have soared.”

David M. LaGreca,
Executive Director, VCG Governance Matters

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