Why brand experience is priceless

brand experience

Just a block away from Google’s offices in Manhattan is a giant data center that hosts hundreds of websites. I visited this data center recently, and I found that getting in is quite a production. Instead of a door, they installed a huge transparent cylinder called a Mantrap, that works like an airlock.

How a Mantrap works

Here’s how it works: If you want to enter the data center, the receptionist pushes a button. On the outside of the cylinder a wall slides open. Then you step in. The outside wall closes. Then the wall in front of you slides open, and you can enter the office. This takes a while!

It’s not just the logo

Since we are a marketing and design firm, once I was through the Mantrap, I checked out the branding. While the logo and marketing materials were competent, they were forgettable.

But branding is not always about the logo. Branding can be expressed by an experience.

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Really serious security

In this case, the purest expression of their brand was the Mantrap. Making visitors enter, one by one, through a massive Plexiglas cylinder showed they were really, REALLY serious about security. Security, both brick and mortar, and in their web hosting service, is one of their key brand promises.

Don’t get me wrong – logos are a key component in a strong brand. But a memorable brand experience — that’s priceless.

Brand experience and your audience

  • Does your brand have an authentic voice?
  • Is there one thing you want to your audience to remember about you?
  • Does your brand tell a story?
  • Is your customer engagement team infused with the attributes of your brand?
  • Does your brick and mortar site express your brand?


Elvis Presley made only one television commercial – an ad for “Southern Maid Doughnuts” that ran in 1954.

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