How to brand your building

This newsletter shows how to brand your building and turn it into a brand asset

how to brand your building

Parking in the big city

I once chatted with a woman who believed the universe was communicating with her all the time. For example, spilling a cup of coffee could be a message.

Parking and the universe

Now I haven’t seen a sign the universe is talking to me in particular, with one exception: parking. My theory is that my good or bad luck in finding a parking space is governed by a capricious universe with a broad sense of humor.

It does seem suspicious that whenever I quickly find a parking space in a crowded area I seem to pay a penalty later. So I’m never surprised when I fail to find a space to park my battered Subaru. It’s just the universe balancing the books…

Hidden brand value

Like most things in New York City, parking is about real estate. Branding can connect to real estate as well.
If your organization has some buildings, you are in luck. It’s likely you have some brand assets that are not fully utilized.

Don’t stop with signage: brand your building

Examples of exterior and interior super graphics

Examples of exterior and interior super graphics

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Facility branding starts with effective signage, but don’t stop there. Think of your building as a permanent billboard with no monthly charges. Like a billboard, you can display brand messaging on your building, by designing super graphics. You can feature them in interior spaces as well.

From branding to promotion

 Promotional banners at the Met

Promotional banners at the MetYou can create promotional messages using temporary banners – art museums like the Met do this very well. Also, consider street banners on lamp posts near your building to extend your brand’s footprint.

Checking out your user experience

Finally, try walking into your building as if you were stranger. Is it welcoming? Orderly? Is it obvious what you offer? Branding is the DNA of your organization, and should be ingrained in every user experience, from FaceBook page, to how your phones are answered, to your facilites.

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