Brand and web fundamentals for success

Understand these five simple fundamentals to help make your brand and web projects successful.

In my alternate life as a musician I’ve been learning a few Hank Williams songs. Hank was one of the founders of country music, and one of the great things about his songs are how simple they are. They’ve been described as “3 chords and the truth”. Yet out of this 3 chord simplicity came a great variety of powerful and memorable music.

Brand and web fundamentals for success

Hank Williams: 3 chords and the truth

Now, Hanks William’s songs are based on a few simple fundamentals. Over the years, I’ve found there is simplicity underlying the complexity of brand and web development as well.

Five simple guidelines

1. What is a brand?

A brand is your target audiences’ gut feeling about your organization. Because brands live in the minds of your audience, they are built from the outside in, not inside out.

2. What makes a brand successful?

It furthers your business objectives.
Feels authentic. Most of the time this means it feels like a person.
Builds trust. This is the holy grail of branding. A successful brand, by definition, is trusted.

3. What are the key considerations when creating a brand?

Components of brand strategy

Components of brand strategy

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4. What is a website?

A website is software that motivates a user to take action. Why? Because websites interact with the user – that’s their DNA.

5. What makes a website successful?

High search rank. You need a flow of fresh and relevant content to achieve this.
Stickiness. Through the website, your users form an ongoing relationship to your brand.
Conversions. Proof that your audience is taking the actions you want.


Daniel Boone detested coonskin caps.

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