Designing a better trifold brochure

trifold brochure

Print projects are inherently dramatic. Why? Because the act of turning a page, unfolding a brochure, or opening an envelope creates anticipation.

In a brochure, for example, a question can be asked on the cover, and answered on the inside. Or an evocative image on the cover of an annual report can lead to a headline on page one. Or that free offer on the outside of an envelope can lead to opening a direct mail package.

People are exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day. If your piece does not take advantage of the dramatic power of print, it will not be read.

Trifold Brochure Tips

Many of our clients use the trifold or 6 panel brochure for marketing. Since it is a letter size sheet of paper folded twice, it is inexpensive to produce and fits in a standard envelope.

Some brochure panels are more important than others, as follows:

  1. 1. The cover, of course, is the most important panel. You have about 3 seconds to involve the reader, so you need a single strong concept that can be grasped immediately.
  2. 2. Inside right hand panel . Once the brochure is opened, the reader looks here first. This is a good place to summarize benefits, or feature a testimonial.
  3. 3. Inside three-panel spread: When you open the piece fully, you have a spread of three panels to make your most detailed case for your company or organization.

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  • Remember, copy doesn’t get read — it gets scanned. Help the reader by keeping it brief — and include subheads, callouts and other elements that highlight content.
  • Your website and contact info should be easy to find
  • Proofread! You should proofread your final design several times before having it printed. Once printed, it’s too late to fix an errors that you didn’t spot. Read lines backwards to check for errors. Step back and look critically at the overall layout.


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